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We would like to announce that 

our center has been 

granted recognition to conduct 

LCCI examinations with PEARSON...

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The official opening of our Main Campus by the President Mr Ersin Tartar was a success!

We extend our gratitude to everyone who attended the event.

Phantom 4 Drone Pilot training with the North Cyprus service departments.


Our state of the art library is nearing completion  and over  100000 books will be at your disposal soon!!

About us...

ACMET started the business in 2003 in Cyprus as a course centre and subsequently opened new branches in Istanbul and London. Since 2015, ACMET is the first licensed active test centre for ACCA Computer Based Exams (CBE) in Turkey...


3D Printer

LCCI (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry) International Qualifications are designed to deliver the skills essential for success in today’s demanding commercial environment.By matching business skills to employers’ requirements and providing reliable evidence of candidates’ abilities, they receive international recognition from employers, educational institutes and professional bodies worldwide.

What are LCCI qualifications?

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LCCI is a flexible qualifications programme with examinations at various levels, enabling you to enter at the level that's most appropriate for you. Diplomas and Group Awards are also available to allow you to add to your marketable skills and, in many cases, receive professional status.

What qualifications are available?

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* Financial and quantitative 
* Marketing and customer service 
* Business, administration and IT 
* English language

The subject areas covered by LCCI qualifications are:

What are LCCI qualifications?

Car Factory
Studying in a Library
Houses of Parliament

Single subject qualifications

 LCCI qualifications are at levels 1 to 4.
* LCCI Level 1 qualifications improve your basic knowledge and skills in a particular subject or business-related job area.
* LCCI Level 2 qualifications are usually the minimum entry requirement for jobs. They give you good knowledge and a solid understanding of a subject or business-related job area.
* LCCI Level 3 qualifications develop your ability to learn and apply a range of knowledge, understanding and skills at a detailed level.
* LCCI Level 4 qualifications help you to become a specialist in your area of learning or work.

Quality you can trust

LCCI International Qualifications are provided by Pearson. We are an awarding organisation recognised and regulated by Ofqual, the regulator of qualifications, examinations and assessments in England. Increasingly, LCCI International Qualifications are being recognised by Ofqual.

Why take LCCI qualifications?

All LCCI qualifications are highly regarded by employers across the globe.




Given the rapidly changing situation, we have decided to extend online learning  into summer term!!!


The expansion of our  new techno-building

is currently in progress. 

3D printing and Robotic courses will start soon.